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Toynk’s exclusive Resident Evil vaccine replica sets review

Check out Toynk’s exclusive Resident Evil vaccine replica sets!


Halloween is next week! And if you are planning to sport a costume from the movie Resident Evil, then I have something for you! Exclusive to Toynk comes the Resident Evil vaccine replica sets. One contains the Replica prop set of Resident Evil-themed capsules including one mutant inducing T-Virus (blue) and the antidote, the G-Vaccine. The 3 vial set includes an Umbrella Corp inspired tin case and 3 tri-colored glass viles. Check out the video below!

As you can see, these two sets are pretty damn cool. My favorite is the liquid vials. I love the foam packaging and I think they look very authentic. Both are great choices to pick up if you are a Resident Evil fan or want to surprise someone for the upcoming holidays.

My minor gripe is I would have liked to have had a plastic or wood stand to display these on. The two vial looks nice in it’s window, but the three liquid vial are completely sheltered in their tin box. I would have liked to have a window with this set as well, but it isn’t a deal breaker.

Overall if you are a prop fan and Resident Evil fan, these would make nice additions to your collections or your Halloween costume! So head over to and pick up one of the 3 vial vaccine or the 2 vial vaccine or better yet, both!

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Toynk's exclusive Resident Evil vaccine replica sets
Is it good?
If you are into replicas and Resident Evil, these pieces will look great in your collection
Solid looking replicas
The 3 liquid vials are colorful and look authentic
The 2 set of vaccine are tough and durable and have a nice window packaging
Window packaging on the liquid vials would have been nice like the two set.
I would have liked to see a small plastic or wood stand to display them outside the box

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