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The Terrifics #9 review

Can the Terrifics find Tom Strongs family?! Find out in this issue!

This issue brings back even more Tom Strong characters! And it continues to have fun with the idea that the whole book is a Fantastic Four pastiche that’s been expanded. From Daffy Duck as a pastiche Doctor Doom in the form of Ducktor Dread to the Dread Drones which are obvious Doombots, The Terrifics #9 revels in the fact it’s a pastiche. Jeff Lemire continues to do some plain amazing work with Jose Luis joining him on art duty. Luis’ artwork is fantastic and perfectly slots in to the series and doesn’t feel intrusive.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

The Terrifics struggle to escape their respective plights while trying to save members of the Tom Strong family as chaos reigns across the Multiverse! But as Doc Dread’s true identity is revealed, that unmasking hits especially close to home for Sapphire Stagg, who’s in mortal danger after she learns the fateful secret. And she’s not the only Terrific in trouble–just wait until the team finds what threat awaits them back at their Gotham City headquarters!

Tell me about it!

The inclusion of such fun elements as the Dread Drones just continues to make this one of the most fun series that DC is putting out. It knows that the audience is expecting a Fantastic Four pastiche and leans right into that with the fun elements. It’s not even trying to be subtle with it which is perfectly fine as most pastiches that try and avoid what they are tend to fall flat. The Dread Drones themselves are exactly what it says in the name honestly, they’re versions of Doctor Dread, whose identity is revealed this issue, but in robot form that Dread can control from far away just like Doctor Doom can do with his DoomBots.

Ducktor Dread continues to be a hilarious addition; as you can guess from the name, he’s Daffy Duck as Doctor Dread, a character who fits in perfectly to the world of Warren Strong and Funnyland, a place where everyone is an anthropomorphised version of themselves. Tom Strong is the brave rabbit Warren Strong, his arch nemesis Paul Saveen is a fox and now it turns out that Doctor Dread is a duck! Which actually makes a lot of sense with how you can turn Doctor into Ducktor.

Is It Good?

Yes. Once again another fantastic issue from Jeff Lemire with some superb art from Jose Luis.

The Terrifics #9
Is it good?
Once again another fantastic issue from Jeff Lemire with some superb art from Jose Luis.
Jeff Lemires writing is once again fantastic.
Jose Luis uses some amazing artwork within the issue.
The issue revels in the fact that it includes Tom Strong as well as how its a pastiche.

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