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Toy Nostalgia: Which toy from your childhood do you wish you still had today?

AiPT! staff share the toys from their childhood that they wish they still owned.

Of course, we all played with toys when we were growing up. Hell, a bunch of us still play with toys today. And then, some of us have kids, so we have more reasons to play with toys. But in all honesty, it’s OK to love and want to play with toys — it keeps us young.

So, the question was asked “What is a toy that you wish you still had today?”

Some parents threw our toys out. Others were broken while playing with them and some we were forced to sell keep our internet on (and/or to keep delivering great articles like this one). Whatever the case may be, there is a toy out there somewhere that we wish we could get back. We asked the AiPT! staff to share their anecdotes:

Nathaniel: This is an easy one for me since it bothers me to this day. I loved Voltron when I was a child. Next to Robotech, it was easily my favorite cartoon. What made it different was that my mom liked it also. For whatever reason, my mom really liked Voltron.

So that Christmas was a no brainer for me. The cartoon was bad ass, plus my mom liked it. I really wanted one of the lions from Voltron that year. The black lion was the leader and the biggest, so I wanted that one the most, but I would have been fine with any. When my mom got me all five lions, I could not believe it. All she asked was that I take care of them. A reasonable request. Unfortunately, I couldn’t follow through. Man, I was dumb!


Dave Brooke: I must list two in part because I actually went back and bought one of them. The first is the BATMAN Toy Biz Action Figure with bat rope utility belt. This one came out in 1989 and blew me away with its ability to zip the figure across the room (and somehow it never broke). The feature was a bit clunky, but it gave the toy an extra effect that beat out all my Ninja Turtles. I ended up purchasing another one a few years ago (you can still find it on eBay).

The second toy is the Matchbox Pee Wee Herman. That toy was one of my favorites when I was growing up because it actually talked. You can get this one on eBay still too. Unfortunately, I had a crazy friend who wanted to burn the doll and he destroyed mine.


Trevor: There are so many toys I wish I had kept from my childhood! The one that comes to mind the most is the Jakks Pacific Kid Buu figure I had. Kid Buu is my favorite Dragon Ball Z character and even though there are definitely better-quality Kid Buu figures out there, this one hits my nostalgia nerve and I miss it. (I also completely forgot it came with an energy blast piece, so I must’ve not kept that bit when I played with it.)


David Hildebrand:  I am fortunate that my parents never threw out any of my toys. I still have all of my toy collection for the most part. I lost a good chunk when a hurricane blew through also blowing down a tree on top of my house. More specifically, my room. So I lost quite a bit of my collection and the rat bastard insurance company was less than generous with the value.

Some of my collection that I wish I have back is my Dick Tracy action figures. What a weird choice, right? Well I dig the 1990 movie with Warren Beatty, that the action figures are also derived from. So I have been watching prices on eBay, I just haven’t pulled the trigger on them yet.

However, last week I attended a local comic convention and there was a guy selling action figures still in the packages for $5 a hit. And wouldn’t you know he had a Dick Tracy Flattop action figure. Flattop was short packed back in the day. I remember when I went to stores with my mom and they had almost everyone else except for the elusive and now expensive The Blank and Flattop. So I had to purchase and as you can see below, I could have done worse for $5.


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