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Star Wars

New Star Wars Black series and Vintage Collection figures coming soon

New Star Wars Black and Vintage Collection action figures on the way

Star Wars is my first love when it comes to action figures and both the Black series and Vintage Collection are among my favorites. Hasbro always takes it to another level with these 6- inch figures and the latest reveals continue to prove why this is one of the strongest series Hasbro has going for them.

We are finally getting Mace Windu! Mace was recently shown in Italy and will arrive in Spring 2019 marking the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace. Mace will come with his Jedi robe and his famous purple lightsaber.

Also coming in the Black series is a Battle Droid from the prequels. Now you can build up your own army of droids for your newly acquired Mace Windu to beat up on! The Battle Droid will be available in Spring 2019.

Coming in the Fall of 2019 to the Vintage Collection is everyone’s new favorite pilot, Poe Dameron. The Vintage Collection are 3.75-inch characters but are incredibly detailed as you can tell by looking at Poe’s face. This is easily one of the best, if not the best looking Poe action figures to date.

And finally there is a new R2-D2 hitting the Vintage Collection. This R2 is based on the droid’s Star Wars: A New Hope look and will be available in the summer 2019.


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