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Heroes of the Storm’s newest hero is Orphea, Heir of Raven Court and born from the Nexus

The first ever Heroes of the Storm hero to be born straight from the Nexus.

Today at BlizzCon Blizzard announced the first ever original character to come to Heroes of the Storm, Orphea, Heir of Raven Court.

Orphea is the heir of the Raven Court and daughter of the ominous Raven Lord. With all of the Raven Lord’s former adversaries destroyed and the Nexus on the verge of total destruction, Orphea is the only being capable of stopping her father’s evil machinations.

Orphea is a highly mobile assassin hero that specializes in area-of-effect damage. She appears as a classy young woman in her dark Victorian-era dress and sports red eyes and a white bob haircut. On her back Orphea carries an ancient shield relic with a giant raven’s face carved into it, which assists her in channeling her ancestral magic. The shield sports a large raven on its face.


Q: Shadow Waltz

After 0.5 seconds, deal 133 damage to enemies in a line. Hitting a Hero with Shadow Waltz sets its cooldown to 2 seconds, refunds 25 Mana, and causes Orphea to dash a short distance upon moving.

W: Chomp

After 0.625 seconds, deal 285 damage to nearby enemies in front of Orphea.

E: Dread

Release a wave of dread that deals 85 damage to enemies hit. Dread erupts 0.75 seconds after reaching the end of its path, dealing 175 damage and Slowing enemies in the area by 25% for 2 seconds.

R: Eternal Feast

After 1.5 seconds, deal 210 damage in an area. Eternal Feast repeats every 1 second as long as it hits an enemy Hero.

R: Crushing Jaws

After 1.25 seconds, pulls enemies in an area towards the center, dealing 275 damage and Stunning them for 0.75 seconds.

Trait: Overflowing Chaos

Hitting an enemy Hero with a Basic Ability grants 1 Chaos. Chaos can stack up to 3 times. While Orphea has Chaos, her Basic Attacks against Heroes consumes all Chaos, dealing 50% increased damage per stack, and healing for 100% of the damage dealt.

Orphea is free to all BlizzCon attendees and virtual ticket holders. Everyone will be able to purchase Orphea on November 13. For a close look at her mounts, skins, emojis and sprays, click here.


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