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Doom Patrol #12 Review

Doom Patrol returns after a long long hiatus to deliver you a Dungeons and Dragons adventure.

This issue divides me a lot. On one hand I like it because it’s a fun issue however on the other hand it’s not even really about the Doom Patrol — which is kind of annoying after a six month wait between issues. Gerard Way continues to write some fun and out there issues while Dan McDaid joins for some very fitting Dungeons and Dragons style artwork.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

A quest for adventurers level 16-20! Far beyond the mortal realms, the Reynolds family must overcome their familial challenges in order to claim Lucius’ rightful place as the ruler of the Daemonscape, a place of horror, conflict and sorcery. It is filled with traps, beasts, difficult challenges, the Five Daemon-Lords of the Crystal Hells and Agantha, a demon trapped in the body of a dead squirrel.

Tell me about it

I’ve missed the last six Doom Patrol-less months, however I’d have liked to actually see the team instead. This story feels like something that could have easily been backups in previous issues and doesn’t really add too much to the overall story enough to justify the delays in my opinion. Although the narrative explains where the Reynolds family disappeared to in issue ten but it honestly could have done fine being left to the imagination and instead we could have gotten a follow up to the end of Milk Wars where the Doom Patrol finished assembling.

It’s been too long since Cliff, Jane, Casey, Danny, Larry and Flex have been around, especially with Milk Wars’ return of Rita Farr to the group, which leaves their current adventures in an unknown limbo until we finally get the next set of Doom Patrol issues. I guess I just want to see the Doom Patrol in the book more than something that could have easily been delegated to back ups.

The art by McDaid has a fun feel to it and certainly fits the issue and the theme it’s going with; a Dungeons and Dragons brought to life vibe. It’s also enhanced by the colouring by Tamra Bonvillain who brings some vibrancy to the sky and contrasts it with earthy dark greens and blues.

Is it good?
Doom Patrol #12 is a fun issue with solid artwork although the overall story feels more like a backup than anything else.
Gerard Way continues to write well...
Dan McDaids artwork looks really great.
Tamra Bonvillains colouring really enhances the series.
...However the six month wait for this issue wasnt great. It could have worked as backups and instead had this issue carry on from Milk Wars.

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