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South Korea sweeps China to win the Overwatch World Cup

This is South Korea’s third straight Overwatch World Cup victory.

South Korea has secured its third straight Overwatch World Cup victory by sweeping China 4-0 in the finals of the 2018 Overwatch World Cup at BlizzCon. The Koreans are simply unstoppable in international competitive play, having yet to lose a single match in the past three years.

The United Kingdom gave the South Koreans their only real challenge of the competition during their semi-finals match. After Korea won the first series, the teams had two consecutive 3-3 draws on King’s Row and Volskaya Industries, but the Koreans managed to secure victory during an incredible final match at Rialto that saw both payloads go into overtime.

After that it was smooth sailing for Korea. China impressed a lot of fans with their performance throughout the World Cup, especially by sweeping Canada in a shocking upset. But they just aren’t in the same league as South Korea. The Koreans completely dominated China in every series, with the Chinese only providing a slight challenge to the champions during the last series on Watchpoint: Gibraltar.

South Korea’s support player ¬†Bang “JJoNaK” Sung-Hyeon is said to be the best Zenyatta in the world. Besides being a World Cup champion, he also plays in the Overwatch League on the NYXL, and is said to be one of the league’s best support players. Having taken home the MVP award in the league’s inaugural season, you can start to see why. Well, add another line to his already impressive resume, as JJoNak took home the fan-voted Overwatch World Cup MVP award.

During a press conference after their finals victory, the South Korean team was asked how they could beat themselves, they replied by saying it wouldn’t be possible without cheating. After watching their performance first hand, I can’t say I disagree.


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