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Post Halloween Hangover: Our favorite all around horror movies

AiPT talk one last time about horror movies.

October is over, there is a ton of candy left in the house, and Christmas decorations are on sell at Wal Mart. Another Halloween is over. But that does not mean we can’t have one last group article about horror movies. This week the staff at AiPT! talk about which horror movies they associate most with Halloween.

What is your Halloween tradition?

Justin Cohen: I don’t really have a specific tradition with specific movies but I always make sure to watch a good amount of horror movies in October. I usually try to fit the original Halloween in at some point.

Dave Brooke: Haunted houses for sure. And if I can spare the cash, a trip to Orlando for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.

Megan Wallen: Every October, I stick to my Disney Channel Original Movies like Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire, Phantom Of The Megaplex, Don’t Look Under The Bed, Halloweentown, Scream Team, and Twitches. Also, when Paranormal Activity came out, I watched it on DVD on Halloween night, and since then, I’ve made sure to watch every other Paranormal Activity film in theaters whenever they’re released.

Is October the only time of year you watch horror movies?

Justin: No, I’m a fan of the genre so I watch horror movies year round. I usually watch the most horror movies in October though compared to other months.

Dave: No way! Anytime of year is good, especially with the wide variety. You can’t beat a chilly blustery night for a horror film, though.

Megan: Absolutely not. I love the horror genre despite it being hard sometimes to find a really good flick of this type.

What is a horror movie you have been meaning to watch but have never gotten around to?

Justin: Repulsion and The Tenant are two I have been meaning to watch for years and haven’t gotten around to yet. Perhaps this week…

Dave: Re-Animator, I’ve just never gotten to it!

Megan: There’s so many. I have a whole list. Anytime one catches my eye, I add it to my list. I literally have close to forty right now that I want to watch.

We have talked about a few different sub genres this month, but what is your all time favorite horror movie?

Justin: Halloween. I think Michael Myers is the scariest villain in horror movie history and the score is perfect. Such a well done, simple horror film.

Dave: I’ll say Alien. It’s a great film visually, but also pulls off the scary killer in the house idea with a spaceship!

Megan: I’m gonna have to go with a classic: Scream.

Trick ‘r ¬†Treat or Halloween. Which is the better Halloween movie?

Justin: I think my answer to the last question gave it away…Halloween by a mile. I like Trick ‘r Treat but I don’t find it as great as some others do.

Dave: Halloween for sure. The idea of a man in your house with a knife is very real and could happen to any of us!

Megan: I’ve seen neither. Don’t judge me! Ha ha. I have seen Rob Zombie’s Halloween, but I imagine that it’s not the one the guys above are referring to. I only watched this because Malcolm McDowell was in it and I love him in A Clockwork Orange.



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