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Paris Eternal announced as Paris’ new Overwatch League team

The Paris team announced their name, branding and colors.

The Paris Overwatch League team announced the name, branding and colors for their expansion team today — they are the Paris Eternal.

Paris’ team becomes the second European team in the Overwatch League and they’re the third new expansion team to announce their name and branding, following the announcements of Atlanta Reign and Toronto Defiant last month.

The Eternal’s colors are blue, burgundy, black, white and gold. Their logo incorporates an infinity symbol within the body of a digitized Gallic rooster, which has long been the national symbol of France.

“We are thrilled to reveal the Paris Eternal brand to Overwatch fans in France, throughout Europe, and around the globe,” said Drew McCourt, Owner of DM-Esports, the organization which owns and operates the Paris Eternal team.

The announcement was made at a live event held in Paris today, in front of an excited crowd. Speakers at the event included Overwatch League Commissioner Nate Nanzer and General Manager of the Paris Eternal, Michael “Mex” De Wit. “Paris Eternal will be focused on winning and results. We believe our international roster is poised to succeed.” said De Wit.

Late last month the Eternal announced their roster, which is made up entirely of European players. The players were present at today’s live event for the team’s announcement.

You can follow the Paris Eternal Twitter and Instagram @ParisEternal, and find them on Facebook at

The Overwatch League returns for its second season on February 14, 2019.


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