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The ‘Last X-Man Standing’ Tournament: Round 2 – Second Coming [VOTE]

It’s round 2–who will prevail in a fearsome fracas between Marvel’s mighty mutants?

Another week has past, and that means it’s time to check in on the most X-citing X-hibition of X-illerating action featuring the most magnanimous mutant melee of all time. That’s right, it’s week two of the Last X-Man Standing tournament and… there aren’t a ton of surprises in the voting. Sure, the big names like Wolverine and Colossus powered through their first round opponents with little fanfare, but that shouldn’t suggest every fight was easy. In one of the biggest surprises of the first round, Hope Summers managed to outthink Kid Omega, scoring 56.9% of the vote over Quentin Quire. Still, the biggest shock without question is Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man’s stunning victory over the savage Sabertooth–a battle decided by a margin of .5%!

Some other interesting stats from round one:

  • Nearly every member of the original X-roster made it through the first round, with only Beast failing to qualify. (He lost to Emma Frost 80.9% to 19.1%)
  • Conversely, only one member of the New X-Men advanced in the tournament, thanks to X-23’s narrow victory over Namor. (54% to 45%)
  • Generation X also only managed to sneak a single member into the second round, when Chamber bested X-Men Red’s Gentle by a margin of 2-to-1.
  • Cannonball scored the most dominant win, with 88.7% of the vote over Dr. Cecilia Reyes. Storm was a close second, with an 88.2% route of Wolfsbane.
  • Though the field was predominantly male, nearly half of the second round is comprised of X-women (14 of 32)

Now it’s time for the battle to resume! Will the clever Kitty Pryde slip by the ravishing Rogue? Can the powerful Polaris push past the Phoenix force of Jean Grey? Will Domino’s luck run out against the battle-hardened Bishop? How will the time-traveling Cable fare against his adopted daughter, Hope? You decide!Round 2 voting is now open and will close Tuesday, November 13. Check back next Thursday, November 15 for the results and round 3!

Since their debut in 1963, the X-Men have sworn to protect a world that hates and fears them. But you know what? Here at AiPT!, we’ve got nothing but love for Marvel’s mighty mutants! To celebrate the long-awaited return of Uncanny X-Men, AiPT! Brings you UNCANNY X-MONTH: 30 days of original X-Men content. Hope you survive the experience…


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