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World of Warcraft: Vol’jin cosplay by 89stiles

“Da spirits be restless, mon.”

“Ya come get some of da voodoo!”

Shadow hunter. Chieftain of the Darkspear Tribe. Former Warfchief of the Horde. Troll bad-ass. Cosplayer 89stiles embodies all the characteristics of Vol’jin, the rightful ruler of the Echo Isles, right down to his trademark red mohawk and raptor pet. For da Horde!

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Blizzcon was absolutely amazing. I'm pretty happy with how Deathspear Vol'jin turned out. Iv already been brain storming a few ideas of what I want to do next year. Till then here is a great shot @dtjaaaam got of me in my troll squat. This cosplay was a huge mile stone for me, since I was 16 I wanted to be a troll and now I officially have been the best troll ever. Design by @zachfischerart Prosthetics by @keltonfx Applications and make up by @trophygalleryfx Everything ele itssa me 🙂 @warcraft @blizzardcosplay @blizzard #projectebonblade #voljincosplay #voljinthewarchief #voljin #blizzcon2018 #darkspeartrolls #warcraft #wow #worldofwarcraft #malemodel #89styles #malecosplay #warcraftcosplay #worldofwarcraftcosplay

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Blizzcon this year was a blast. I stopped making costumes most of the year to pull this off. I paused my D&D group for a month, stopped playing video game or going out just to make sure this was done. It ended up being so much fun and so worth the actual blood, sweat and tears. @zachfischerart had a great idea to bring back some fallen characters to life again and I demanded Vol'jin. He is my favourite character and best race ever. I am truly honored to be this groups warchief, Vol'jin. Makeup by @trophygalleryfx Prosthetics by @keltonfx Design by @zachfischerart Contacts by @samhaincontactlenses Costume by meeeee #projectebonblade #blizzcon2018 #darkspeartrolls #voljin #voljincosplay #voljinthewarchief #wow #worldofwarcraft #warcraft #malemodel #89styles #malecosplay #zachfischerart

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