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Toynk’s Golden Girls sunshade, shot glasses, and crew socks review

Review of Toynk’s Golden Girls sunshade, crew socks, and shot glasses

Thank you for you being a friend! Traveled down the road and back again….and you know the lyrics to the song. What you might not have known is our friends at have an assortment of Golden Girls products. The Golden Girls have been around since the 80’s and have kept their steam through current pop culture.

Check out the video below for a special intro from the fifth Golden Girl, Mildred and see the reviews for the sunshade, shot glasses, and crew socks.



As you can see, I thought these items were pretty cool. Obviously you have to be a Golden Girls fan to dig these. I grew up watching the show and the old gals grew on me. The sunshade is definitely something I will use just to catch the eyes of people. The days of seeing 50 million Han and Chewie sitting in the Falcon’s cockpit are over!

The crew socks were an SDCC exclusive. So, I am going to guess that they were a “one size fits all” type of deal. They are colorful and will keep your feet warm, but they were a bit tight on me.

My favorite is the shot glasses. When I first saw them in the package, I thought they were plain ole shot glasses. Once I opened them up, I saw that there were sayings on the back. They are a drinking game! How cool is that?

To sum up, if you are a Golden Girls fan, then these all make decent gifts for yourself or to give a fellow fan over the holidays. I enjoyed all the products and so did Mildred!  Don’t forget to check out. for more Golden Girls items and much much more! Also don’t forget to subscribe to the AiPT! YouTube channel for more video goodness!

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Toynk's Golden Girls sunshade, shot glasses, and crew socks
Is it good?
Solid Golden Girls gifts that you can give to fans
Shot glasses are my favorite of the three. They are colorful and you can play a drinking game!
Sunshade will be funny to put up and its well made, very durable.
The socks are colorful. Will surely catch people's eyes
The socks were too tight for me, but they are a SDCC exclusive.

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