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World of Warcraft: The Lich King, Bolvar Fordragon cosplay by Chad Hoku

“Tell them only that the Lich King is dead… and that Bolvar Fordragon died with him…”

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon was a vaunted paladin of the Alliance and King Regent of Stormwind during Varian Wrynn’s absence; after the fall of Arthas however, Bolvar made the ultimate sacrifice. “There must always be a Lich King,” and so, Bolvar demanded the Helm of Domination be placed upon his head — to become forever more Jailer of the Damned, Bolvar the Lich King.

We’ve always wondered what actions Bolvar might take as Lich King, but cosplayer Chad Hoku has brought the character to life with such startling accuracy and amazing detail in the following armor — we might just let the following photoset answer the question:

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Thanks to @gilphotography for turning me into the keyart that blizzard should use for their next expansion. This weekend was crazy and #blizzcon remains one of my favorite cons. The costumes this year for our @projectebonblade we're insanely amazing and as the true Lord crispy Lich king #bolvar I feel proud to call everyone that took part in this grand project my champions. Tremendous thanks to all those that helped, especially to @kurokamiprops @kmnprops @bjornsworkshop @shepherdofmen @woodwarder_ @zachfischerart @hello.dw @autoaircolors for their amazing paint @badgerairbrush for their amazing airbrushes @tntcosplaysupply for their amazing foam and @esun3dfilament for sponsoring the build with the best filament on the market. Finally and especially my @sammyhime for keeping me strong and glueing the pieces back on as they fell off my body brain and soul.

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I've poured all my effort into the Lich King Bolvar costume for @projectebonblade and am so happy with the final results. Judging the @twitchcon cosplay contest was a blast and I felt great wearing this costume. The costume was all modelled and sculpted in @zbrushatpixologic and it was all livestreamed on @twitch . The armor is all printed in @esun3dfilament abs+ and pla+ which is the most stable, best filament I've ever used. the electronics were all @adafruit products which I love because they make it so easy. I used @tntcosplaysupply Plastazote for the light diffusion. I couldn't have done this without the help of @kmnprops @sammyhime @kurokamiprops and several others. The design is by @zachfischerart

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