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Plastic Man #6 Review

The Plastic Man miniseries ends as well as it began. Definitely a series to recommend to new fans.

The final issue of Plastic Man is here and overall I’d say it was pretty good, barring one or two things. As usual Gail Simone has some great writing which is accompanied by Adriana Melo’s equally great art. The ending of the miniseries comes to a nice close while also leaving potential for a second one set after, continuing the story.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

It all ends here! Will Plastic Man survive an attack by…another Plastic Man? And if he manages that, will he survive a face-off against the super-villain who set up that first battle? And what about the rest of the super-cabal standing by to see the outcome of those fights? And then…you know what? Let’s have some faith in Mr. O’Brian, who has eeled his way out of all sorts of trouble so far.

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Tell me about it!

The finale of this issue sets up the possibility of continuing which is both good and bad for me. On the one hand, I’d love to see more of this series by a fantastic creative team, however on the other I find it rather annoying that there are plot threads left dangling which have the possibility of not being addressed again. However, the threads that are addressed do so in a very satisfying and entertaining fashion.

Another great takeaway for this issue, at least for me personally, is that this issue fully confirms that the young boy, who calls himself the Suave Prince, is transgender. Unsurprisingly, as Gail Simone pushes the boundaries when it comes to representation in characters — she similarly tried to have a transgender character, Alyssa Yeon, in Batgirl. This full confirmation in this issue really made the whole series even more for me as it was a great piece of representation.

The artwork in this issue was, as always, fantastic. However, I’d be a fool to mention the cover by Jason Badower, who has created such a surreal and creepy cover that maintains a light and fun style to it. The interior artwork by Adriana Melo continues that great visual comedy that has persisted this series. The storytelling work by Melo is fantastic and the range of emotions she’s able to convey through artwork alone is brilliant. The fun little visual gags are brilliant, and overall it’s a really well put together issue and finale to the miniseries — one that has made my opinion of Adriana Melo go from “who is this artist, I’m curious” all the way to “I want to see more from her!”

Plastic Man was a fantastic, fun miniseries that can easily be recommended as a great starting point to anybody interested in the character.

Plastic Man #6
Is it good?
Plastic Man was a fantastic, fun miniseries that can easily be recommended as a great starting point to anybody interested in the character.
Gail Simone brings in some fantastic and fun writing..
..that is complemented perfectly by Adriana Melo's storytelling ability through her artwork.
The cover is both creepy and fun at the same time.
Simone fantastically adds even more trans representation with the miniseries as a whole.
There are some loose ends that are left untangled and sets itself up for a second miniseries.

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