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Amazing Spider-Man #10 Review

Spidey fights thieves and MJ reveals her true self.

Nick Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man has been a breath of fresh air. It has rekindled the classic MJ and Peter relationship, introduced some fun ideas and reminded us this is a character who can’t catch a break. Meanwhile, new villains lurk and surprises are in store for old web-head, who is attempting to get all the superheroes’ stuff back. No biggy.

So what’s it about?

Read our peview.

Why does this matter?

This is the third part of the “Heist” storyline which has Spider-Man teaming up witih Black Cat to take on the Thieves Guild while MJ gets some superhero therapy via an anonymous help group. Just another day for Spidey. This series has been great with Spencer at the helm and artist Humberto Ramos drawing Spidey like only he knows how.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

He’s got a point. There is a bit of a pause.
Credit: Marvel Comics

Spencer’s inclusion of the anonymous group begins to reap benefits this issue with MJ’s first chance to speak out about her stresses. It’s a clever hook and it allows Spencer to delve into MJ’s deeper worries and fears as the girlfriend of a superhero. There are interesting sentiments made that help add complexity to MJ’s position as well as give us a new warm and fuzzy feeling about her importance in Peter’s life. She may not be able to fight crime, but she sure does fill a role in making Peter’s life saner.

The Thieves Guild literally punches Spider-Man and Black Cat in the face giving this issue plenty of action. It’s nice to see this conflict get an end, but it also comes with a surprise or two adding new layers to the Thieves Guild’s purpose. The fact that Spencer wraps it up with a clever joke or two (Mr. Fantastic and Tony Stark both look a bit dumb) is icing on the cake. There’s also a great emotional moment between Peter and Felicia that Black Cat fans will love.

Ramos draws another exceptional issue. His ability to draw elastic looking limbs helps enhance the look of Spider-Man. He’s not just some dude in tights. Black Cat can look sexy, but also strong in a single panel, helping to give her the readers respect. There’s also an exceptional epilogue-like scene with Peter and MJ cast in a sepia-like tone that’s drawn in a way that feels natural and relaxed. It’s a key relationship moment and the weight of what Peter says is strong visually.

She has been through a lot.
Credit: Marvel Comics

It can’t be perfect can it?

The cliffhanger that ends this book is a big old shrug wrapped in a “Whatever man.” The new villain hyped ever since the Free Comic Book Day continues to be a complete mystery and not in a good way. Stop hyping this guy and give us something to care about!

Is it good?

Yet another good issue in a run that shows Amazing Spider-Man has been a huge success since its renumbering. Spider-Man is fresh and new all over again for fans new and old.

Amazing Spider-Man #10
Is it good?
Yet another good issue in a run that shows Amazing Spider-Man has been a huge success since its renumbering. Spider-Man is fresh and new all over again for fans new and old.
A strong conclusion to the Thieves Guild conflict as well as MJ's emotional struggle
Ramos can do no wrong in my book
A touching moment or two for the characters
The cliffhanger leaves a lot to be desired

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