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Spider-Man gets real and intimate with Black Cat in Amazing Spider-Man #10

Spider-Man and Black Cat get real in the latest issue.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

Before diving into spoilers read our review.

Possibly one of the greatest on again and off again relationships in comics is between Spider-Man and Black Cat. It’s a cat (heh) and mouse relationship that has been more fling than full-on dating over the years. With Mary Jane Watson back in the picture–and Spider-Man fully committed to making this work–there’s good reason to be worried about Black Cat popping up in the latest “Heist” storyline.

Nick Spencer has written a great series so far and even infused the latest issue with a bit of sexual tension. It doesn’t get intimate, however, until the very end. It all starts with Black Cat getting real:

Typical Peter Parker, Spidey tells Black Cat everybody got their minds wiped to protect his identity. Black Cat is, of course, a bit offended.

It’s a genuine moment and Black Cat puts herself on the line. Nick Spencer writes Black Cat’s dialogue beautifully in the next panel and from the heart, to which Spider-Man shares an intimate moment with his past fling.

It means the world to her and Peter strengthens their friendship forever. Mary Jane fans might cry foul since this could imply Spider-Man still has a thing for Black Cat, but Spencer nips that in the bud.

These are genuine human moments for the characters and it’s a big reason why Spencer’s run has been phenomenal.

To read the entire scene in full (I left pieces out) and to read the full issue buy Amazing Spider-Man #10 today!


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