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The Terrifics #10 Review

The totally titanic termination titan targeted to take out the Terrifics by the terribly troubled Doctor Dread in this issue of the Terrifics is a terrific call back to the series as a whole.

The totally titanic termination titan targeted to take out the Terrifics by the terribly troubled Doctor Dread in this issue of The Terrifics is a terrific callback to the series as a whole. From how Mister Terrific and his group being pulled into the Dark Multiverse where they meet the paralyzed body of the Dark Elder with Tom Strong’s beacon to the small incidents such as the Orb of Ra and the War wheel, it’s all tied back into this issue. Jeff Lemire is a fantastic storyteller who is enhanced even further by his magnificent artists. This issue in particular ¬†brings Viktor Bogdanovic’s skills to the table with his very stylized visuals that are very reminiscent of the Metal event.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

Is there a totally titanic termination in store for the Terrifics? Mr. Terrific and company team with the Tom Strong family in a final battle against Doc Dread, who’s leveraging the power of a dark god to kill everyone in his path. With the fate of the Multiverse AND the Dark Multiverse hanging in the balance, it’ll take a team-up of Terrific proportions to save the day. Just don’t expect the group to escape unscathed when all is said and done…

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The fact that Lemire continues to bring back every plot point within this series and continuously ties everything together is fantastic. This series reminds me of Christopher Priest’s Deathstroke in that both series’ strong points are that they pull back to previous issues and interweave narratives.

Bogdanovic does some really great panelling in this issue. However, one of my favorite pages is where Plastic Man, Tom Strong and Mister Terrific are underground in Terrific’s lab trying to create the way to send the Dark Elder back into the Dark Multiverse. This page keeps a majority of it solid black, signifying the Earth around the lab while the actual panel space is the shape of the lab and what’s within. Through art too there’s also a slightly subtle but great reference back to Amazing Spider-Man #50, Spider-Man No More.

However, my favorite page overall is the final one that shows multiple different universes within the multiverse. Within the page the eight different multiverses are Earth-10 (Earth X, the Nazi world with this small section showing the PlaSStic Men that are coming up in the upcoming Freedom Fighters series,) Earth-16 (The Just, where it’s the descendants of the sidekicks and children of the Justice League such as Damian Wayne as Batman and Chris Kent as Superman,) Earth-8 (a Marvel pastiche,) Earth-5 (Thunderworld where Captain Marvel (or Shazam) is the main hero,) Earth-13 (where Superman is the demon Etrigan) and Earth-38 (home of the Atomic Knights) which still ties back to how The Terrifics is a book that goes all over the multiverse.

The Terrifics #10
Is it good?
Truly terrific time to read.
Jeff Lemire is fantastic writer who truly weaves the entire series back into itself.
Viktor Bogdanovic has some brilliant artwork and amazing panelling.
The final page showing other Earths is one of my favorite pages this issue.

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