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Everything we think we know about the cat from the ‘Captain Marvel’ trailer

Carol Danvers’ cat may be the most powerful sidekick in the universe.

After the excitement wanes and you begin to unravel the Captain Marvel trailer something definitely sticks out. Why on earth was that cat featured so much? The cat seems to get more time on screen than the Skrulls, one of the greatest Marvel villains ever. In the scene, Nick Fury leans down to talk cute to the animal. It’s a silly moment that shows how serious Captain Marvel is in the moment, but also how laid back Nick Fury is in the moment. What’s the deal, why give a cat so much time for a comedy bit that is only a little bit funny?

Comic book fans are going to point out Carol Danvers had a cat in the Kelly Sue DeConnick written Captain Marvel series in 2014 (that’s volume 8 if you are trade hunting). It has the same coloring, although it does have a different name. In the comics, the cat is named Chewie and in the movie, it is named Goose. Maybe this is a change made to avoid connecting it to Star Wars now that Disney owns them, or maybe it’s to give a nod to famous character Goose from Top Gun who also served as sidekick to the main character.

The funny thing, however, is in the comics this is no ordinary cat, but in fact an alien with some impressive powers. Powers that could even be used to help defeat Thanos. Known as a Flerken, Chewie has pocket realities inside herself which allow her to not only store things in other worlds but whip out some insane tentacle action in a pinch.

Check out the art by Marcio Takara from Captain Marvel #8 written by Kelly Sue DeConnick.

Since the pocket realities defy space she can whip out some massive weapons from her tiny body and retract them on a whim.

In the comics, Chewie went through a few different adventures, one of which included her giving birth to a massive litter. Chances are this won’t be a plot point in the first film, but if Goose is in fact Chewie it will surely be an element in a sequel. The threat of this lil cute kitty is great, hence why Carol was so stern with Fury in the trailer.

If a psychotic space pirate has this to say about the cat I’m pretty sure it’s a serious weapon:

Art by David Lopez from Captain Marvel #13

One could argue the cat is simply a cat, but how do you explain the presence of the cat even in the promo poster.

Note the cat in the shadows at left.

Clearly, this is a character to keep an eye on not only for comedy relief but to turn the tables on unsuspecting villains. You better watch where you step Thanos because Goose might strike.


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