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Hasbro all but confirms Carol Danvers’ cat is a Flerken in new Marvel Legends toy reveal

Check out all the Captain Marvel movie toys coming to stores this winter and spring.

Hasbro Toys has unveiled their line of Captain Marvel action figures which include new Marvel Legends, a Barbie-like doll, and a hand cannon. These toys are revealed just hours after the second trailer dropped blowing our minds. That includes mine, who pondered if Carol Danvers’ cat wasn’t a cat at all, but an alien. Well it is all but confirmed with the accessory that accompanies Nick Fury’s suited action figure since it comes complete with a chained up Goose (or is it Chewie).

Look familiar?

The Marvel Legends figures also include Carol Danvers sporting a bomber jacket, Carol Danvers with alternate mohawk head, Star Commander, Thalos and as was already revealed the Build a Figure will be the Kree Sentry. Check those out below. These Marvel Legends, which retail for $19.99 will drop Spring 2019.

The kiddos will be happy with the additional toys–because we all know the Marvel Legends are for us adults–with a Photon Power FX Glove which runs $16, and a couple of dolls too (which run $13 to $25). Also, note one of the dolls comes with that cat again. Is it just me or is the cat a big part of this story?!

You can find these sooner than the Marvel Legends as they hit stores in January. I’m sure more toys will be revealed as we get closer to March 8, 2019 when Captain Marvel hits theaters so keep your eyes here at AiPT! for the latest.

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