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‘Star Wars: Poe Dameron Vol 5: The Spark and the Fire’ review

You don’t have to wait until episode IX to find out what happens to the Resistance after the Battle of Crait.

Thanks to Charles Soule and the wonderful folks at Marvel, you don’t have to wait for the yet-to-be-titled ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ to find out what happens to the Resistance after the events of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Poe Dameron, the best pilot in the galaxy, and his friends in Black Squadron have you covered in Vol. 5 of the hit series, “Star Wars: Poe Dameron: The Spark and the Fire.”

You better strap in. Soule takes fans from the moment the Resistance discoverd Lor San Tekka on Jakku, to Poe’s escape from the desolate planet, to the Battle of Starkiller base, the Resistance’s crippling losses after their impossible victory, and finally, the adventures of Black Squadron in their attempts to rally systems to the Resistance’s ranks during and after the events of The Last Jedi.

Angel Unzueta leads the art department with artwork that’s simply awesome from start to finish. The skill in which he draws the faces of these iconic characters makes you wonder if Marvel simply scanned their faces in directly from The Last Jedi footage. Phil Noto is killing it in the covers department, but hey, what else is new right? Bringing the whole show together is Rachelle Rosenberg and Arif Prianto in the colors department. The pair take on the human visual perception with ease and deliver the reader an enriched experience that kicks a whole lotta ass.

Check out the video review above, where I touch on my favorite parts of these issues and dig into what readers should look out for.

Star Wars: Poe Dameron Vol 5: The Spark and the Fire
Is it good?
Witness Rey's first venture into the ancient Jedi texts.
Angel Unzueta's artwork, particularly character facial expressions, is utterly fantastic.
Really awesome panel showing Poe's recollection of the battle of Takodana.
Strong character development for the members of Black Squadron.
A glimpse into how the rest of the galaxy is reacting to the Republic's destruction and the First Order's power grab.
Some of the storytelling around the battle of Starkiller base was a little too long for my liking and didn't add much to what we already knew.
Either the First Order has the worst TIE-fighter pilots ever, or two X-wings against 100 TIEs isn't an uneven match.

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