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Chip Zdarsky marries PR with comedy

Comic creator Chip Zdarsky makes hilarious custom videos for comic book retailers to promote his upcoming run on Daredevil.

Prolific comic book writer/illustrator and upcoming Daredevil author Chip Zdarsky recently took to social media, offering to make “high quality, custom videos” for comic book retailers promoting his upcoming Daredevil run featuring art by Marco Checchetto.

Retailers responded in droves as Zdarsky completed 55 hilarious videos for retailers across the globe.  Those accustomed with the Canadian’s online presence and dynamic sense of humor can imagine the content of these “high quality” productions. In his videos Zdarsky does everything from suggesting that disappointed Batman fans may want to pick up Daredevil because by the fifth issue Daredevil will be married several times, to claiming that all of the money he makes from the book will go towards purchasing a Daredevil mug because drinking out of a Spider-Man mug is embarrassing. 

Zdarsky’s comedic sensibilities and delivery are nothing short of golden.  One could easily see the writer/artist as part of an improve troupe or as a narcissistic sitcom character in the vein of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” One thing is for certain: starting this February there will be no shortage of deadpans in Hell’s Kitchen.  

Many of the videos have been shared through  Zdarsky’s Twitter and Facebook pages, but you may have to do a little hunting to find them all. As Zdarsky said on his twitter “just so you know I made 55 of those videos gotta catch em all” 

Daredevil #1 by Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto is available February 6th 2019.


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