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Spider-Men vs Aquaman: Which comic book movie do you want to see most?

AiPT! discusses the two comic book movies of December.

Which are you looking more forward to: Into the Spider-Verse or Aquaman?

Forrest Hollingsworth: Check the recent articles and reviews I’ve written round these parts and let me know what Verse you think (Spider-Verse, it’s Spider-Verse).

Justin Cohen: Spider-Verse by a landslide.

Chris Showalter: The DCEU has burned me a minimum of three times before Aquaman, but I’m a glutton for punishment. I’m definitely excited for Spider-Verse. However, I’m more excited to (hopefully) see the DCEU turn a character into more than a punchline (fingers crossed).

Michael Rosch: Yeah, no question. Spider-Verse wins that one. Though I am cautiously optimistic Aquaman could turn out being a decent flick.

Will anything in Spider-Verse be as hilarious as the “Permission to board?” line from the Aquaman trailer?

Forrest: The early social media buzz is that Spider-Man Noir is hilarious. I think with a crossover film like this there’s a lot of room to lampoon a whole bunch of genres or tropes in a really great way and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of it.

Justin: Let’s all hope so. In all seriousness, the Spider-Verse trailer already has some great laughs in it so I have no doubt the movie will have hilarious moments.

Chris S: It’s a Marvel Movie (well a Marvel Movie licensed by Sony), and we all know that Marvel gets humor right.  I have no doubt that Spider-Verse will be full of humor. The father-son dynamic really resonates with me, but one of my favorite moments from the trailer is Spider-Man dancing in the doorway similar to Emo-Peter in Spider-Man 3. I’m excited to see the film poke fun at previous cartoons and movies.

Michael: It’s a Spider-Man movie, so that’s a yes. The real question is, will anything in Spider-Verse be as funny as the deleted line from Spider-Man: Homecoming that appeared in the trailers: “Hey, you guys aren’t the real Avengers. Hulk gives it away.”

Will Aquaman be one of the rare good DC Extended Universe movies or will it disappoint?

Forrest: I think (and hope) Wonder Woman really renewed their focus on character-driven, focused films in favor of these big, lofty but ultimately lopsided movies that Suicide Squad and the like were. Both Aquaman and Shazam’s trailers have shown a lot more tonal acuity and tact than previous attempts, I think, and I’m looking forward to them (just less than Spider-Verse).

Justin: I don’t think Aquaman looks good based on the trailers, but I’ve heard the early reviews are solid. I’ll definitely give it a chance, but if I had to guess, I think it’ll end up being decent at best. Which honestly means it will be a somewhat pleasant surprise given DC movies have been pretty terrible outside of Wonder Woman.

Chris S: I’m hoping that Aquaman will at least fall into the same category as Wonder Woman, which would be no small feat for a man who talks to fish. Unfortunately, it feels like the extended trailers have revealed so much about the films. My worry is that all of the “best parts” have already been shown in these extended looks. I’m also worried that the entire film will be too bloated with all of the comic elements they are including.

Michael: I’m not expecting it to be as good as Wonder Woman, but I think this looks more character focused and less solely interested in the spectacle of superpowered titans fighting in the middle of the city at night in the rain. In other words, less Snyder-y. So crossing my fingers this is a fun movie with characters we actually care about.

Will Spider-Verse be the start of a new franchise or will it disappoint?

Forrest: [Akira font]: Spider-Verse is ready to explode. I think this is a great opportunity. I’m already looking forward to the Spider-Gwen and The Spider-Girls movie.

Justin: The start of a new franchise. The reviews are incredible and the buzz is building FAST.

Chris S: Everyone and their mother is getting their own franchise. Spider-Verse will definitely be the start of a new franchise.

Michael: I think Spider-Verse is going to do — ahem — spectacular business. The beauty of it is, because it’s gotta cost a lot less than the live action films, they’ve got the freedom to take more risks with these films. Until the success of Black Panther, I’m sure no one at Disney or Sony was seriously considering a live action Spider-Man film about Miles Morales. Now I can definitely see a Spider-Gwen animated movie happening in the future.

From Infinity War to Venom this year’s comic book movies have been well received by fans. How will Spider-Verse and Aquaman do?

Forrest: The initial buzz for both has been positive, no doubt, and I’m certainly interested in both enough to go see them in theaters, which I can’t say for every super movie in recent memory. I really feel like, here in 2018, it’s anyone’s ballgame, though. Maybe it all depends on the meme-ability of a specific scene or something – idk.

Justin: I think both are going to be fairly well received. Spider-Verse I believe will be almost universally loved. Aquaman I can see being generally well received if these early reviews are any indication.

Chris S: I agree with Justin here. Based on initial reactions: Spider-Verse will be universally loved and Aquaman will be generally well received, but less than Wonder Woman, with its fair share of detractors.

Michael: Aquaman will hit more theaters and get more ticket sales, but Spider-Verse costs less and will do impressive business itself despite not even having a fraction of the marketing of Aquaman. And I’m confident, almost no matter what at this point, Aquaman will split audiences down the middle with those who hate it with a passion and those who defend it. I mean, if The Last Jedi can’t win over its franchise’s entire fanbase, what chance does Aquaman have? Meanwhile, there’s so much less pressure on Spider-Verse merely because it’s an experiment. I don’t think there’s been a theatrical release of an animated take of a beloved superhero since Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, and I don ‘t think I’ve ever met anyone who disliked that movie.


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