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Updated: Marvel releases cryptic messages: ‘Marvel universe is destroyed!’

Marvel hints that we may not know all the facts as their history gets destroyed.

Update: Next up in Marvel’s hype train is the Dark Phoenix. The question is, who saved Jean Grey from the Phoenix? 

It looks like the Avengers may not have been the first ones to find Captain America. What does this mean for his origin? We’ll find out in March.

Now it looks like Spider-Man is in Marvel’s crosshairs: 

Marvel Comics has released a cryptic message that, “The Marvel Universe is Destroyed!” this morning. Accompanying the message is an image questioning whether or not we know how who gave the Fantastic Four their powers. The hype train starts now for this story which appears to be dropping in March 2019.

Longtime readers will note the Fantastic Four got their powers via an accident, but this press release seems to suggest maybe that isn’t the case. Knowing Marvel, more images like this one will pop up later int he day possibly questioning the origin of other longtime heroes. 

Stay tuned here to get any new information on this tantalizing Marvel Comics history destroying news.


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