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Last minute gift ideas for the geek in your life!

Been sitting around when you should have been shopping? We have you covered!

We are roughly just over a week from Christmas and you have been sitting on your ass watching Christmas cartoons, sneaking off to the theater watching Spider-Verse, and basically just wasting away when you should be shopping for your loved ones or your closest friends! How you dare you procrastinate on the most joyous month of the year!

No worries, I have you covered. I found five awesome gifts that is sure to fill the hole in that someone special’s life or stocking.

Let’s start with something easy! Red Dead Redemption 2 is one the most hyped games this year. I was gonna hold off getting this until after Christmas, but my best friend got it for me for Christmas! I am an online player 100%, so I have only played the online mode which is very fun. Microtransactions are the hot controversy at the moment, but they always are for every game. No matter the issues, the gamer in your life will enjoy shooting it in the wild west with Red Dead Redemption 2!


Everybody loves board games and now there is a Deadpool Collector’s Edition of Monopoly. Player move around the board hiring Mercenaries and buying up all the Sweet Rides they can. You can also build headquarters and D-Mansions to charge more rent. This collector’s edition comes with an exclusive bunny slippers token. Buy, steal, and swap your way to victory. Maybe there is a loophole making you the automatic winner when you get pissed off and flip the board over in anger. Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about!


How sick is this statue? I have tried hard to stay out of the statue world, (I own just one) but I might have to get this for myself and wrap it up from the dog. Yes, DC Collectibles The Batman Who Laughs is a gorgeous piece of art straight from the pages of the bestselling Dark Nights: Metal. It was sculpted by Jonathan Matthews and designed by Greg Capullo.



How cool is this guy? This is the Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie from Hasbro. I have walked past this guy numerous times in Target. I want him but I always cringe at his price. I have added him to this list because Amazon has him for $59. Say what? Yup! better add him if you want him before they all sell out. Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie has 100+ sound-and-motion combinations. He will react whenever he is in motion and will talk in his language when he is spoken to. You know you want your little one to have this or put him in your passenger seat as you drive around town!


Rounding out my last minute gift guide is the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit. This will teach kids basic coding through block based coding with activities to advance through programming fundamentals like logic and loops. The gauntlet can be coded to make 10 authentic Avengers sound effects and you can even record your own battle cry. It includes everything needed to build and customize the gauntlet: LED Matrix, plastic pieces, building blocks, stickers, and a battery. There are over 18 activities based on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) for kids to build, play, and code. This does require a smart device: Android (5.0 or later) or iPhone (iOS 10.0 or later). Amazon has this one for a steal too!


And there you have it! Five quick picks for gifts that you can get for someone since you have decided to sit and procrastinate for half of the month. Don’t worry, I am in the same boat as you. I have multiple windows opened right now scrambling to order gifts. Happy Holidays, everyone!


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