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Vince McMahon starts Raw by apologizing for poor programming and promising a “fresh start”

“The four of us will be taking back Monday Night Raw.”

After months of unsatisfactory programming on Monday Night Raw, it was announced this weekend that Vince McMahon would be attending tonight’s show to “shake things up.” While the internet ran wild with theories, ultimately the show kicked off with Vince McMahon introducing his daughter, Stephanie McMahon and her husband, Triple H, and his son, Shane McMahon.

The four gave an earnest speech recognizing that WWE’s programming has not been up to snuff as of late, and they’ve been failing on their main mission statement to provide the best entertainment they can for the fans. Starting tonight, Triple H explained, WWE will undergo a “fresh start” that will include new Superstars, and new matchups. “Gone are the days of absentee management,” he said. Shane McMahon chimed in and said this went for SmackDown Live as well.

The surreal, kayfabe-busting statement felt more like an actual apology for boring television than any storyline, and harkened back to 1997, where Vince McMahon infamously shattered kayfabe and ushered in the Attitude Era.

It will remain to be seen what types of steps WWE will take to improve the quality of its shows, but Vince, Hunter, Stephanie and Shane promised change would start tonight.


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