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Dead Man Logan #2 Review

A great character drama.

It’s a unique time in comics with two legitimate heroes of the same name fighting for their lives. Wolverine of the main universe is figuring out how he was awakened while Logan of another universe is trying to finish what he started. Ed Brisson and Mike Henderson are playing Old Man Logan out with a 12 part series that’s all revolving around stopping Mysterio for the very last time. Wait, what…?

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So what’s it about?


Did you read our preview?

Why does this matter?


Old Man Logan has had a long career kicking butt with salt and pepper hair. Jeff Lemire made him excellent and Brisson has taken on the reigns excellently. This is his final swan song.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Run Spidey, run!
Credit: Marvel Comics

In this second issue we learn how Mysterio really feels, Logan and Hawkeye get closer to stabbing Mysterio in the face, and Red Skull’s daughter means business. It’s a good issue due to multiple layers building towards a master plan. It’s a conversational sort of story with Logan and Hawkeye riffing while Mysterio and Lady Sinister attempt to make their mission seem professional. It’s in these conversational scenes that the comic really sings.

There’s plenty of action too. The opening scene has a major hero being killed, for instance, and Wolverine pops his claws multiple times. The heroes are chasing down the villains, but they certainly have a lot to say while they fight. Brisson integrates an interesting twist in this issue too basically giving Logan an out of this crazy mission that complicates things. There’s enough here to keep your interest while the plot thickens.

Henderson is an excellent artist with clean, solid art that keeps the action interesting panel to panel. Long shots, middle shots, and close ups are all used effectively to keep your attention in the right place. Henderson is a master at the two shot with plenty of dialogue but can mix it up with action too.

This is a buddy cop sort of story.
Credit: Marvel Comics

It can’t be perfect, can it?

The climactic last few pages is definitely a feint. You’ll see it coming and shrug it off as a standard cliffhanger to buy the next book, but you won’t fall for it.


Is it good?


A great issue that continues to delve into the characters. This is a buddy cop sort of story that you won’t want to put down.

Dead Man Logan #2
Is it good?
A great issue that continues to delve into the characters. This is a buddy cop sort of story that you won’t want to put down.
Great back and forth dialogue delving into character
Pulse pounding action
The cliffhanger is predictable

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