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No, this isn’t Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman cosplay by Lis Wonder

Can you tell the difference between Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot and cosplayer Lis Wonder?

“Only begun, this Clone War has.”

So we’ve got ourselves a little dilemma; the good kind, don’t worry. You see, we once thought Alyson Tabbitha, master cosplayer and human chameleon was the incontestable most lifelike Wonder Woman there ever was, is and would be. But then we caught wind of Lis.Wonder’s Wonder Woman and, well — she looks just as much, if not more like Gal Gadot’s version of the alluring Amazonian.

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#DayOfWonder @dccomics @wonderwomanfilm @gal_gadot Wonder Woman reminds us that there are no restrictions on what we’re capable ofβ€”no limits to what we can accomplish, no quotas when it comes to helping others, no compromise on justice and the equality of all. Diana embodies what it means to be a hero in these modern times. She possesses the strength and endurance to tackle any challenge, holds the unwavering belief that people can be better than they often are and uses truth as her most vital weapon. -DC 🍦 #wonderwoman #DayOfWonder #dianaprince #dccomics #dcfan #dcfandom #galgadot #ww84 #wonderwomancosplay #stevetrevor #wonderwomanfilm #cosplayer #womanpower #getinspired #dcuniverse #tiara #wonderwomancostume

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Whether you think Lis looks more like Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman or Alyson Tabbitha does, it’s clear that both women deserve all the praise for their amazing cosplay talents.

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