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Immortal Hulk #11 Review: Gods and Monsters

Al Ewing sets up a tantalizing new glimpse into a gamma powered afterlife.

What is hell? That is the question posited by Al Ewing’s latest entry in the journey of Immortal Hulk. A slower issue than those previous, Immortal Hulk #11 takes its time exploring a theological aspect to the Marvel Universe and what that means for the Jade Giant.

Over the years Marvel has produced as many devils as there are heroes. Mephisto, Dormammu, Satana, Hela, Blackheart and Daimon Hellstorm to name a few. Now, writer Al Ewing is set to introduce his own devil and a gamma powered underworld that ties to an already established character. Not content with the body horror aspect of the Hulk (as previous issues so clearly showed), now Ewing delves into an untapped spectral horror aspect that was simmering beneath the surface all along. It’s a great new direction that plays well into Ewing’s take on the character and feels not only original, but natural as well. This might not be the first time the Hulk has faced the supernatural before, but it’s refreshing nonetheless.

No matter the underworld, there always seems to be a tower of some sort. Marvel Comics

Artist Joe Bennet continues his strong artwork that is probably some of the best Hulk work in years. Never has the Hulk looked so terrifying, or hell, so enticingly beautiful and detailed. Later in the comic, there’s also plenty of that good old body horror, reminding me of what made this series so good in the first place.

I do too. Marvel Comics

All in all, even without the previous amazing issues, there is certainly enough to keep me engaged for the future. What more can I say? If you’re a Hulk fan, stop reading this review and PICK UP THIS BOOK.

Immortal Hulk #11 Review
Is it good?
Al Ewing sets up a tantalizing new glimpse into a gamma powered afterlife.
Incredible artwork.
Great writing.
A great new corner of the Marvel universe has opened up.
The pacing is a tad bit slower than previous issues.

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