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The Terrifics #11 Review

Who will stop Doctor Dread’s Dastardly Deed of Destruction across his multiverse wide hunt to kill Mister Terrific?!

This week’s edition of The Terrifics is a solemn but overall great issue. Jeff Lemire shows that despite the situation to bring the team together being over, they still work together in such a way that returning to their previous lives isn’t something they’re able to acclimatise to. This is also shown really well through Viktor Bogdanovic’s artwork which conveys the story in a brilliant way. Terrifics is a series that hasn’t had a slump yet and this issue continues the fantastic streak.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

The Terrifics…terminated! The team has called it quits and gone their separate ways–with less-than-terrific results. Plastic Man meets his estranged wife and son, now developing his own plastic powers; Metamorpho is still stuck in his human form as Rex Mason, unemployed, unqualified and going broke; Phantom Girl’s stuck in an arranged marriage back on her homeworld of Bgztl; and Mr. Terrific hunts the escaped Doc Dread, who travels the Multiverse collecting alternate Mr. Terrifics for murder-sport.

Plastic Man creeping around as usual. DC Comics

Tell me about it!

Plastic Man trying to go and see his son is one of the most heartbreaking stories of this series. Trapped in a form he can’t leave due to unstable dark energy, he’s forced to miss all of his son’s life, who has to grow up with his weird powers without the help and teaching of his father. The fact that his son rejects him for something so outlandish but completely out of Plastic Man’s control is also just so heartbreaking and completely the opposite of the (maybe rocky) reunion where they hug and bond together that I was expecting. Moments like this are where Jeff Lemire really excels at character writing.

The scene is also brought to life really well by Viktor Bogdanovic and his artwork. The panel structure is relatively straightforward (just like through most of the issue itself) however how he uses the panels is a great way to work with Lemire’s script and dialogue. My only real complaint with the sequence itself is that his Luke looks a lot like Damian Wayne — if put into the same outfit, they’d be almost unrecognizable from each other. That may due to Luke not being shown previously within this continuity so Bogdanovic used the nearest physical character to start from which seems to be Damian.

Minor nitpicks aside, both artist and writer in this issue come together perfectly to craft a well-told story that continues to show why The Terrifics is one of the best series on the shelves.

The Terrifics #11
Is it good?
Yet another brilliant issue by Lemire and Bogdanovic who bring their A-Game as always.
Jeff Lemire's writing of why the Terrifics deep down need to be together is brilliant.
Viktor Bogdanovic's pencils are brilliantly done throughout the issue.
Each individual scenario of the team members is incredibly well written.
Bogdanovic has a little bit of a same face problem which is shown in how Plastic Man's son, Luke, looks just like Damian Wayne.

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