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Our favorite cosplay from the Ace Comic Con (Day Three)

The third day of the Ace Comic Con saw some amazing costumes.

Comic book conventions are known for their great cosplay. The Ace Comic Con in Glendale was no different and the first two days of the event saw great costumes and ideas. It was hard to imagine the final day of the event would be able to live up to the first two. Despite day three being on a Sunday, the last day of the Ace Comic Con was filled with just as many fun and imaginative outfits a the first two days.

AiPT! was there covering the event and even though we did not go in our best costumes we did get pictures of some of the best ones from the day. Below is our favorite cosplay from the third and final day of the Ace Comic Con.

Magneto & Mystique IG: Superheroes Unlimited

FemThor & Flash
IG: flashsantoro

Bulma & Professor Oak
IG: cosplaywitme

Tristan & Yvaine IG: ohiosfirstmermaid

Mr. and Mrs. X
IG: dannyefron1 & jb_from_az

IG: mr.samster & the_kingsman_kid

IG: viabean

Steampunk Deadpool IG: bclemen2

Miles Morales & Gwenom
IG: azmattman & ecfallbrook

Emma Frost & Psylocke





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