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Spectacular Speculation: Easter eggs and revelations from the ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ trailer

What can we glean from the teaser trailer for Marvel’s latest Spider-flick?

The trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home dropped today and gave fans a lot to chew on. So you know what that means: it’s time to get out our tin foil hats and magnifying glasses and take a closer look at this trailer and what hints it may hold for the MCU’s 23rd(!) film.

Fury lives! And Spidey, obviously

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Let’s start with the obvious: Nick Fury and Peter Parker are no longer dust in the wind. When we last saw these characters, they were victims of Thanos’ omnicidal snap. Clearly they are back in action following the events of Avengers: Endgame, so this whets fans’ appetites to see how the surviving Avengers manage to bring back the lost heroes.

A lot to unpack

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Peter’s suitcase is monogrammed with the initials “B.F.P.” This seems to suggest the suitcase is a hand-me-down from his uncle, Benjamin Parker. With only passing references to some “bad things” Peter and Aunt May have dealt with in the recent past, many fans have wondered if the MCU would ever directly mention Uncle Ben or if he was even part of this iteration of Spider-Man’s origin. It’s starting to look like we may finally see a bit of that relationship in Far From Home.

A little TOO Happy?

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Tony Stark’s head of security, Happy Hogan, seems to be hitting it off with Aunt May. With Peter having earned Happy’s respect at the end of Homecoming and with May’s discovery of Peter’s identity in the same film, it seems that everyone is able to be much more open and relaxed with one another. It’ll be a nice change of tone for a character so tied to keeping his secrets, and may help make Far From Home a welcome respite from the dire, end-of-everything heaviness of Infinity War and Endgame.

A creative shout-out

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Eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted the Hotel De Matteis as the place where Peter and his academic decathlon team will be staying. This is a clever reference to prolific Spider-Man writer J. M. DeMatteis, and leads to speculation that some of his stories may have inspired the plot of Far From Home. While it’s probably too late to hope for shades of Kraven’s Last Hunt in this flick, there’s always next time!

Birth of a hero

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The birthdate on Peter’s passport wisely doesn’t show us a year (the MCU timeline is already confusing enough), but the date of August 10th holds a special place in the hearts of web head’s fans. August 10th, 1962, was the day Amazing Fantasy #15 was released, the issue that first introduced the world to the webslinger.

“I like bread.”

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This is a small one, but a nice callback to Spidey’s preceding solo film: Delmar’s Deli-Grocery, blown up by Adrian Toomes’ crew in Homecoming, has been rebuilt. Peter is no longer deprived of “the best sandwiches in Queens.” It’s a cute bit of continuity that I personally appreciated.

Dressed for success

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While I’m honestly a little tired of seeing Peter change his costume between every single MCU entry, I’ll admit I was pretty excited to see his duds in this teaser. There’s the Superior Spider-Man-inspired red and black suit we’ve previously seen in Tom Holland’s recent Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance, which looks great in action. However, we also get a brief look at a tactical suit resembling Spider-Man Noir’s gray and black look! How this will be utilized in the film is unclear, but it’s a cool look and will be instantly familiar to folks who have seen Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

(NOTE: Since this article was posted, I have been informed by fellow AiPT! contributor Jason Segarra that this dark suit resembles a take on Spidey’s costume during 2004’s Secret War miniseries. This would also fit nicely with Fury wanting Peter to keep this mission under wraps. Nice catch, Jason!)

An Amazing boat ride

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While Ned poses for a picture in the canals, we see the designation “Asm 212” on a boat in the background. This may be a reference to the real world comic book issue Amazing Spider-Man #212, which saw the debut of supervillain Hydro-Man. Hmm… Peter does fight a water creature in this trailer…


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It remains to be confirmed whether the elemental monsters Peter faces will be new creations for the film or updated versions of classic Spidey villains, but we do have a beautifully comics-accurate Mysterio on deck, complete with the classic fishbowl helmet! While the Vulture’s design in Homecoming was a functional and somewhat-grounded take on the source material, Mysterio looks like he stepped right out of a comics page, which suits the theatrical villain perfectly. Everything from the purple cape to the scaly armor has survived the transition to the screen, and the MCU is better for it.

Let the speculation begin! Did you see anything we missed? What are you hoping to see in Far From Home? Let us know in the comments!


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