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Ironheart #2 Review

Get a taste of Boston in Ironheart #2.

Eve Ewing
Price: $7.99

Ironheart is now operational in Boston — more specifically, MIT. She’s got her own lab, and now her own A.I. In this second issue, Riri must fight a new mysterious threat, make peace with her past, and deal with a new type of A.I. that knows her better than she does. It’s a lot while also being a stand-up superhero.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

In my review of the first issue, I said Ironheart is “a superhero for a more modern and hopeful era.” I stand by that. This is also a great book if you live in the Boston area since it has Riri fighting in all sorts of familiar places.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Cool effects.
Credit: Marvel Comics

Writer Eve Ewing does a good job mining trauma and past memories from Riri in a key flashback that not only ties into the cliffhanger, but shows who Riri is as an adult. This all ties into the A.I. she has built based on her friend, further complicating things. There’s a good dose of character dynamics in play. Lump in the fact that the MIT dean is being a jerk about letting folks see her creations and you have a lot of spark in this narrative. This issue also integrates Riri’s family, further developing the web of support she has.

Anyone from Boston is going to get a huge kick out of this issue. A full fight sequence takes place in Dorchester (a neighborhood I once lived in!) and Riri even takes the T at one point.

Art duties are by Luciano Vecchio, with layouts by Geoffo and color by Matt Milla. I love the bright color in this issue, especially when Ironheart is on the page. The glow of her suit and blasters is quite nice. There’s a sweet double page layout showing Ironheart chase down a baddie and her tech manages to help her, visualized in technological looking circles.

Oh my god, we’re in Dorchester!
Credit: Marvel Comics

It can’t be perfect, can it?

The plot is shifting too much for its own good. With a flashback, a location change, and then reintroduction of Riri’s family, there’s a lot to take in. All that while attempting to understand who and what this new threat is and how Ironheart fits into it. Oh, and Riri is figuring out her relationship with an A.I. This second issue feels a bit wonky compared to the first, especially since the first laid out some interesting elements not even touched upon here (like a new romantic relationship).

Is it good?

A good issue, although it’s juggling a lot and can lose your interest. Still, there’s plenty here to prove the character has a rich future.

Ironheart #2
Is it good?
There’s plenty here to prove the character has a rich future.
Good art on the repulsers and such
Boston natives are going to get a kick out of this
The A.I. interactions are super fun
Too many plots slow things down and make you lose sight of the character

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