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Netflix is rebooting ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ with ‘Stranger Things’ producer

The series will return for a 12-episode run.

Netflix has announced that they will be reviving Unsolved Mysteries, the long-running true crime series that was known for its forays into the world of the unexplained and paranormal. The reboot news was shared by Netflix on their See What’s Next Twitter account, where they’ve told fans to expect “a modern take on the series that will once again look to viewers to help aid investigators in closing the book in long outstanding cases.”

The original series known for the iconic host Robert Stack, ran for 14 seasons with 581 episodes between 1987 and 2010. Unsolved Mysteries was known for its documentary style format that profiled real-life mysteries, and often featuring re-enactments of unexplained events, missing persons cases, conspiracy theories, and alien encounters. Over the years a number of celebrities appeared on the show: football player Reggie White, musician and author Henry Rollins, comedian Blake Clark, and actor Matthew McConaughey.

Helping Netflix with the reboot is Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy and his company 21 Laps Entertainment. Working alongside Levy on the revamp will be Cosgrove-Meurer Productions, the production company operated by the show’s creators John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer. The series will return with 12-episodes, with Robert Wise executive producing alongside series showrunner Dunn Meurer.

At this time there’s no information available on who will host the show or when it will be released.


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