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Alexa Bliss talks cyberbulling and navigating social media at ACE Comic Con

The WWE Raw Superstar talked to us about the dangers and unfortunate realities of social media.

Alexa Bliss was interviewed by Lillian Garcia at ACE Comic Con last weekend, and held a Q&A session as well. AiPT!’s own Nathaniel Muir was on hand to ask Little Miss Bliss about her comfort level in handling the toxicity of social media.

“Social media can be so good. So good. You can keep in touch with people you haven’t kept in touch with in a long time…you can market yourself, share the things that you love, and form a community with people who share those same interests,” she said. “But it can also be toxic. People find this weird confidence in making other people feel bad through social media.”

Alexa went on to explain why the problem hits so close to home for her. “I’m a big advocate on self positivity and and body positivity, because, you know, I was one of those people. I went through depression. I went through eating disorders. And sometimes social media can be such a toxic thing.”

It can be hard to navigate such a potentially toxic environment, but Bliss says you have to know your own value and not let it get to you. “I feel like you have to know your self worth, and you can’t let it get to you that much. Because these people are only doing it to make themselves feel better, so you can’t feel bad about yourself, because the only person suffering, then, is you. Because they make their little comment, and then they move on with the rest of their day.”

Alexa then went on to talk about some off the tragedies caused by social media bullying, including middle schoolers taking their own lives.

Watch the clip above Alexa’s full thoughts on cyberbullying and social media.


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