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Left to right: Jason Clarke as Louis and John Lithgow as Jud in PET SEMATARY, from Paramount Pictures.


Watch: The trailer for the ‘Pet Semetary’ remake

The latest trailer for ‘Pet Semetary’ is out now!

Stephen King has a long line of books that have been adapted to movies. Some have been great (Misery) while others have not been as lauded (The Dark Tower). However, most fall into the same category: perfectly acceptable.

Released in 1989, Pet Semetary is one of the better King works to make the big screen. The plot revolves around the titular grave site. The area is located on sacred ground. Local legend has it that anything buried there will come back to life. A young boy’s death sets in motion the events of the movie.

The movie was a success, with many fans calling it one of the better adaptations of a King novel. While the sequel received a tepid response, word of a remake was met with excitement.

A new trailer was released and fans are mixed to a change to the story’s narrative. The Pet Semetary remake is scheduled to be released April 5, 2019.


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