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Adventures in Movies!

Adventures in Movies! Podcast Episode 4: The Golem (2019)

Danny & Nathaniel review the 2019 release and interview director Doron Paz.

Danny and Nathaniel finish their talk about Ghostbusters and this time Nathaniel is healthy and ready. The two also discuss the movies they have recently seen and Danny has a surprising recommendation. Plus, if you have not had a chance to check out this season of True Detective, Danny and Nathaniel talk about whether it is worth your time.

The show opens with a talk about Super Bowl. Well at least the most exciting part: the trailers! What was the best Super Bowl trailer? Danny and Nathaniel check the result of their latest Twitter poll to see. There is also talk of their upcoming Valentine’s date and the two dig deeper into Danny’s history with trailers.

This week’s show includes a review of 2019’s The Golem and an interesting interview with director Doron Paz. Paz pulls no punches in a great interview.

Adventures in Movies! is hosted by Nathaniel Muir and Danny. You can find Nathaniel on Instagram at nathaninpoortaste. You can find Danny on Twitter @default_player and on Instagram at default_player. You can reach us personally or on Twitter @AiPTMovies.


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