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Image via DC Comics & Warner Bros.

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New Doom Patrol teaser reveals first look at Alan Tudyk’s Mr. Nobody

Sneak a peek at DC Universe’s newest supervillain.

Friday afternoon DC Universe revealed a brand new teaser trailer for their upcoming live-action Doom Patrol series. After months of getting by on photo leaks, posters, and teasers, fans were finally given their first look at footage of the cast of DC’s favorite band of lovable weirdos in action. And while that’s plenty exciting, what’s really got folks up out of their seats is our first look at the supervillain the Doom Patrol will be squaring off against — Mr. Nobody.

We first learned of Mr. Nobody back in August of 2018 when it was announced that Alan Tudyk had been cast in the role of the series’ primary antagonist. Eric Morden, also known as Mr. Nobody, is an insane criminal whose body is made up of living virtual reality and has the ability to drain the sanity from other humans. Check him out in Doom Patrol’s first teaser trailer below!

Doom Patrol is one of DC Comics’ most unique properties, in which a band of outcast superheroes fights evil through a series of misadventures in a world that could care less about their existence. The series is usually filled with meta humor and all sorts of genre-bending wackiness. The comic series recently returned to prominence as the headliner of Gerard Way’s Young Animal imprint, with Way writing and Nick Derington illustrating.

Fans got their first look at the Doom Patrol in the fourth episode of DC Universe’s first live-action series Titans, which wrapped up the final episode of its first season in December.

Here’s another view of Mr. Nobody just in case you missed his brief spot in the teaser trailer.

Image via DC Comics & Warner Bros.

Doom Patrol premieres on the DC Universe streaming network February 15, 2019.


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