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Long dead supporting character makes contact in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #15

Ex-Daily Bugle coworker (and villain) appears to have grave news.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

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If anything is true when it comes to Spider-Man it’s that nobody stays dead for long. Be it villain or cloned friend (or foe) they always come back. Back in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #42 which came out February 2018, readers learned Ned Leeds was alive and well. Ned was a Daily Bugle employee who ended up marrying once Peter Parker fling, Betty Brant. She recently turned up in Nick Spencer’s Spider-Man and it appears Ned is ready to remind Peter of the good old days too.

In Amazing Spider-Man #15, Spider-Man is rushing to save Aunt May when a bearded bystander is suspiciously around to lend her a hand while Spidey digs his way into the rubble.

Once inside Spider-Man saves a few folks and then Aunt May, but leaves the bearded man behind.

The bearded man is none other than Ned Leeds!

Thanks to the handy Spencer and Chris Bachalo recap we learn who he was and how he’s (probably) a clone. The most curious part of all this, aside from seeing Spencer fully utilize the character in his run, is what Ned says next.

Either he misses her deeply or she’s in grave danger. Only time will tell. I’m betting on the latter.

This is only part of the picture though and I highly recommend you read the full issue to get the full story. You can pick that up digitally today.

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