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Uncharted 2: Chloe Frazer cosplay by Trisha Layons

“Always knew we’d meet someday… just didn’t think I’d have to kill you.”

“If you need someone who can talk, shoot, or drive her way out of a sticky situation, Chloe Frazer is the one to call. But be warned: her allegiances are as varied as her skill set, and she’ll work for anyone as long as their price is right and their priorities (i.e. her) are straight. Take good care of her, or she’ll take care of you… and not in a sexy way.”

The tenacious, skilled and beautiful treasure hunter and thief for hire, Chloe Frazer of Uncharted fame, comes to life courtesy of Russian cosplayer Trisha Layons:

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Live fast die young bad girls do it well 💥 Chloe Frazer- Uncharted 2: Among thieves. 💥 Some random thoughts about this brand new #Uncharted fan movie. I'm really torn it's definitely well made and looks quite promising as a teaser for something bigger. But at the same time this franchise is probably my all time favorite and I still believe it doesn't need a big screen adaptation 🔪 Any Uncharted fans here? How did you find the movie? 💥 [#uncharted #unchartedcosplay #playstation #unchartedthelostlegacy #uncharteddrakesfortune #unchartedamongthieves #cosplayer #cosplay #chloefrazercosplay #ChloeFrazer #nathandrake #nathandrakecosplay #samdrake #naughtydog #geek #geekgirl ]

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