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AiPT! Comics podcast Ep. 8: Hulu shows, DC woes, and super-volleyball showdowns

Latest comics news and discussion about the best comics each week.

Welcome back to the official AiPT! Comics podcast where your hosts David BrookeForrest Hollingsworth, and Connor Christiansen discuss their favorite comics of last week, news, their most anticipated books out next week.

This week we talk about Hulu launching Marvel animated series leading to The Offenders, Donny Cates interest to lead the Marvel Ultimate universe, DC Vertigo cancelling Second Coming and DC delaying Batman Damned #3, and Marvel revealing Savage Avengers. We also discuss our top two favorite books out last week and look ahead to next week with our most anticipated comic and our favorite comic book cover. In two special segments, we square up Doomsday vs. Luke Cage…at beach volleyball and talk about the new trend of superhero teen team TV adaptations.

Our top comics from last week:
Connor Oblivion Song #12 and The Magic Order #6
Dave Marvels Annotated #1 and Wonder Twins #1
Forrest Age of X-Man: Nextgen #1 and Savage Sword of Conan #1

Also, check out our favorite covers for comics out February 20, 2019, which we discuss at the 48-minute mark.

You can find AiPT! Comics on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts. As always, if you enjoy the podcast, be sure to leave us a positive rating, subscribe to the show and tell your friends!



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