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X-Men Monday is coming to AiPT!

And Marvel Senior Editor Jordan D. White is coming along for the ride!

First, AiPT! celebrated the long-awaited return of Uncanny X-Men this past November with Uncanny X-Month–30 days of marvelous mutant mayhem. Then, in January, it was time to celebrate Scott Summers’ highly anticipated rebirth with Cyclops Week. Obviously, we at AiPT! love us some X-Men, so we’re proud to announce that starting Monday, February 25, X-Men Monday is coming to this very website! And Marvel Senior Editor Jordan D. White is coming along for the ride (no big deal)!

If you follow Jordan on Twitter, you know that #XMenMonday is one of the most eXciting days of the week for X-Men Twitter, as this is when Marvel’s X-Men Group Editor posts everything from panels from unreleased comics to polls designed to decide who the most popular X-Man is. We plan to bring that same level of fun and fan engagement to our recurring X-Men Monday feature.

But wait, there’s more! While we had the chance to ask Jordan a few questions during Uncanny X-Month, we thought it’d be fun to let you, the X-Fans, put on your comic journalist caps and pick Jordan’s brain about all things X. At the beginning of every week, we’ll put out the call for questions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram–all you have to do is reply with your query. We just ask that you keep it positive and understand that, obviously, Jordan isn’t going to reply with major spoilers.

And remember, if your question doesn’t get asked one week, there’s always neXt Monday!

AiPT! is eXcited to embark on this eXtraordinary journey with Jordan as our guide and we hope you’ll tag along! The goal is to keep X-Men Monday feeling all-new, all-different each and every week. See you Monday the 25th!

Oh, and start asking those questions!


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