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Melbits World Review: Fun for kids, amusing for adults

‘Melbits World’ is a colorful puzzler that sounds perfect for a party.

PlayLink for the PlayStation 4 is a great idea. People love multiplayer games and people love their cell phones. It only makes sense to combine the two to spice up parties, get togethers, and sleepovers. PlayLink has trivia games, puzzle games, and even a thriller made from the developer that brought the survival horror instant classic Until Dawn.

Melbits World is a colorful puzzler that sounds perfect for a party. And when I say colorful, I mean outlandishly colorful. This is a game that has yet to meet a blindingly bright palette it does not like. This is a great idea since it is a party game. The first thing you want a game to be able to do is grab your guests attention. Then it has to be able to hold it and the game’s colors grab players by the collar and refuse to let go.

Adding to the bright colors, is the undeniable cuteness of Melbits World. The Melbits are a perfect fit for a social media age that is all about sharing and gathering likes. Even the most hardened heart will be unable to not crack a little smile when on the character creation screen. If that does not move the jaded cynics of the party, then the celebratory dances most certainly will. This is not a game aimed at a demographic. It is a game made for the times.

As cute as Melbits World is, it never forgets it is a video game. There are collectibles that range from stickers to outfits you can dress your Melbit with. The game also keeps track of how quickly you finish levels. Melbits World may end up being about having fun at a party, but it still has video game elements to it.

Where Melbits World stumbles slightly is keeping players around. The colors and characters will attract younger children. The gameplay is something else. The game is not overly difficult. Players try to get the Melbits from one end of the stage to another. This requires the lifting of obstacles and creating passageways to prevent to foolish creatures from mindlessly walking to their deaths. It also requires a lot of teamwork and coordination that little kids may not be able to handle.

Adults may also not find the game terribly interesting. The opening levels are simple and therefore dull. Much time is spent waiting for the Melbits to casually walk to their destination. There are treasures that add incentive to exploration, but is that really something you want to do in a party game? As the levels get more difficult, they may become harder to complete in one playthrough. However, Melbits World will only stay amusing for a short while before wearing out its welcome.

In between, is Melbit World’s sweet spot. Old enough to understand the mechanics, but not so old as to be able to breeze through the game after a few levels is the perfect age for this game. These also may be the players who are willing to spend a little more time to explore and unlock the game’s secrets. Even then, the game seems to have limited replay-ability.

Melbits World is a fun party puzzler for PlayLink for the PS4. It is cute and colorful and will be inviting to players of all ages. Where the game stumbles is in its actual gameplay and level design. The game will be too complicated for some and too tedious for others. Those who do find it fun will probably lose interest after a short time. There is fun to be had, but this will not be a regular at your family gatherings.

Melbits World
Is it good?
The game is colorful and cute, but also has its limits. Only a particular age group will be able to get into it and even then it will probably be short lived.
Cute and colorful
The time spent with it can be enjoyable
Younger players may not be able to get the coordination down and older players may get bored

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