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Anime-Influenced Action-Adventure, The World Next Door Coming to Switch, PC, Mac

Viz’s The World Next Door drops on March 28th – Check out the trailer here.

Based out of Portland, OR, Rose City Games will be releasing a fantasy game with heavy anime influences, The World Next Door, on March 28th.

The game’s official site describes the game as follows:

“The World Next Door is a narrative-driven, action-adventure game that follows Jun, a rebellious teen girl trapped in a parallel world inhabited by magical creatures. Inspired by the emotional storytelling and thrilling action of both anime and indie games, players can expect to meet and develop friendships with an eclectic cast of characters while uncovering the mysteries hidden within this world.”


The game blends visual novel storytelling with combat which Rose City Games describes as, in a nutshell:

“Cast spells by activating magical runes in fast-paced, real-time combat that mixes the fun of puzzle-combos with action gameplay.”

For more, check out the official site and the game’s trailer below and as always, stay tuned to AiPT! for more gaming news and announcements!

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