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Deadpool: ‘Secret Agent Deadpool’ review: Spy vs. Spy-pool

Super spy vs. Deadpool, who ya got?

Chris Hastings
Price: $10.39
Was: $14.99

Deadpool has always kind of been a secret agent. He kills those who need killing, he does it all secretively, and he pulls gadgets out of thin air (like bazookas, come on!). It’s a big reason why I can’t believe nobody has pitted him against James Bond…until now. Hilarious writer Christopher Hastings takes Deadpool on a spin to fight a super spy in the once digital only but now in print Secret Agent Deadpool, and it’s a wild ride.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

It’s a Marvelous case of mistaken identity when Wade Wilson, the Regeneratin’ Degenerate you know as Deadpool, kills the wrong secret agent — and has no choice but to take his place and complete his mission! But can Deadpool keep an object of paradoxical power out of the wrong hands? Pitted against the deadly terrorist organization called GORGON, it’s up to Wade Wilson to finish what his superspy victim started as only Deadpool can — with excessive violence, a healing factor and more than a few laughs along the way!

Why does this matter?

Deadpool vs. James Bond meets Ethan Hunt, who ya got? Naturally the superhero, right? But what if the super spy’s coworkers hate his guts? Deadpool may have the leg up in more ways than one.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Oh god that poor Pony!
Credit: Marvel Comics

Much like Deadpool’s best adventures he accidentally falls into a predicament here. I won’t spoil a thing, but know that he goes from hunting down a rare mini-pony to working for an MI6 outfit in America. Hastings mixes in Mission: Impossible and James Bond plot elements with this agency, giving readers who are fans of those series a smattering of humor and familiar references. That includes their James Bond spy, known as Jace Burns, who is a philanderer, way too cocky and way too good at what he does. Given the fact that Deadpool barely prepares for anything, you can guess he gets his butt handed to him and lucks his way into working for Burns’ agency without them even knowing he’s Deadpool.

As the story progresses, Deadpool must unravel a mystery that pushes time and space, defies sanity, and utilizes plenty of fun gizmos. Hastings has fun with plenty of the spy gadgetry including the wristwatch that seems to do anything with just the right twist. The book serves as a commentary of spy films while Deadpool deconstructs the silly elements. If Deadpool were a TV show this would be an excellent two-parter.

Art is by Salva Espin with color by Matt Yackey and letters by Jimmy Betancourt. Espin is no rookie when it comes to Deadpool and he suits the slapstick character very well. He also capitalizes on the visual humor, including tiny body parts growing back gags and chimichanga delights. There are some clever layout designs in this book too, with fun sound effects intermixed with panels in the closing pages.

Burns is kind of a dope.
Credit: Marvel Comics

It can’t be perfect, can it?

This is a lighter sort of story that is written so anybody can enjoy it. That may not be a bad thing, but it does seem odd how other heroes and even notable villains aren’t present. It’s incredibly obvious this story lives apart from the bigger universe which is odd for a character like Deadpool.

Is it good?

This is a great series if you’re looking for a laugh and like spy flicks. The creative team has a hit on their hands thanks to clever lampooning of the spy genre, but also because of its endearing take on Deadpool.

Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool
Is it good?
This is a great series if you’re looking for a laugh and like spy flicks. The creative team has a hit on their hands thanks to clever lampooning of the spy genre, but also because of its endearing take on Deadpool.
A premise that is clever as it lampoons super spy characters and villains with impossibly ambitious plans
Salvador Espin's style has the cartoony look that suits Deadpool and '90s Deadpool at that
It's almost too far apart from the Marvel universe

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