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The Symbiote reveals a life changing secret to Eddie Brock in Venom #11

Eddie Brock learns something new about his family in issue #18.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. For more, read our review.

Writer Donny Cates is making waves on his run of Venom, wowing both new and longtime fans alike. He’s doing so with wild ideas, many of which change the character inherently; take for instance Knull, a cosmic villain who created the Symbiotes and only recently reconnected with them. Or how Venom’s green ooze is actually his waste. The reveals continue in issue #11 out today and this time it cuts close to home.

In this latest story arc, Cates revealed Eddie Brock has a brother. We’ve also learned the Symbiote is erasing Eddie’s memories and even putting fake ones in his noggin too.

Eddie is getting emergency help from the Maker in a hospital, with his brother not far behind. His father isn’t too far either and he appears to be violent.

Near the end of the issue, Eddie comes into direct confrontation with the Symbiote as he’s not too happy with the fact that it has erased memories and made him think things that aren’t true. One example is a cancer he thought he had, when in fact the Symbiote was cheating the tests to make him think such and in effect make him think he needed the Symbiote to stay alive. Heavy. Essentially the Symbiote is emotionally manipulating Eddie so that they won’t break up.

Why would the Symbiote be afraid Eddie will leave it? Eddie wakes up to tell the Maker he needs to get released.

But who is Dylan to Eddie then?

Now that is a surprise twist. Not only does Eddie have a son he didn’t know about, but he doesn’t know about him because the Symbiote erased that from his memory. Low blow, even for a Symbiote.

That’s only part of the story though and I highly recommend you read the full issue. Buy it digitally today.


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