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Wizards of the Coast issues statement regarding alleged abuser and D&D contributor, Zak Smith

Controversial tabletop roleplaying figure will be removed from future fifth edition publications.

Heads up: this article contains discussion of sexual assault and links to a graphic recount of events that allegedly occurred.

Wizards of the Coast, the publisher of Dungeons and Dragons, has issued a statement indicating that they will remove playtest contributor Zak Smith/Sabbath’s name from future physical and digital releases of fifth edition books following multiple allegations of abuse from women close to Smith in the past weeks. Stating that Smith only contributed to D&D Next, the playtest which became fifth edition (the current D&D game system) in 2014, and have not contracted him since.

The first of allegations levied against Smith was from adult actress and former partner, Mandy Morbid, who detailed a history of emotional and physical abuse she witnessed and experienced in a public Facebook post. Additional accounts have come from Vivka Grey, cosplayer and model, who also posted a public Facebook post, and numerous others.

The 5E Player’s Handbook indicating credit to “Zak S.”

Smith is best known for his contributions to tabletop roleplaying community through The Escapist’s I Hit it With My Axe, a weekly Dungeons and Dragons video series which starred Smith (who goes by the last name Sabbath in the adult films industry) as well as numerous other adult performers, as well as a handful of successful kickstarters for roleplaying projects such as Demon City: The Ultimate Horror RPG, and work with Vampire: The Masquerade publisher White Wolf. He has since issued his own statement in response to the allegations on his personal blog.

DriveThruRPG, the largest online retailer of digital tabletop roleplaying resources, has also issued their own statement, and indicated that proceeds from projects with Smith’s name on them will be donated to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) which they are also hosting a fundraiser for currently.

If you or someone you know are the victim of sexual assault there are people available to help you at the National Sexual Assault Hotline.


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