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Overwatch’s newest hero revealed, Baptiste

The tragic animation tells the origin story of hero #30

Blizzard has officially announced the newest and 30th hero to join the rank of OverwatchJean-Baptiste Augustin, aka Baptiste, an ex-Talon medic with a tragic history.

The announcement, which came from the Overwatch Twitter account, was expected by many fans after a cryptic tweet sent out by Blizzard. The tweet showed unauthorized access to secret Talon files — the nefarious organization Sombra, Reaper, and Widowmaker belong to — which when read in full detailed the account of a Captain Cuerva, who was hunting a man named Jean-Baptiste Augustin in Port-de-Paix, Haiti. The report told us that Baptiste had left Talon and was to be brought back into Talon by Captain Cuerva, or be eliminated if he refused.

The video that Blizzard shared today on Baptiste sheds some light on why he left Talon and how he became the man he is today. Check it out for yourself below.

We learn that Baptiste was orphaned as a child during the Omnic crisis, and in an effort to improve his situation he joined a military group called the Caribbean Coalition, and then later Talon. While Talon brought Baptiste a number of special skills, and transformed him into an incredibly talented combat medic, it also exposed him to a dangerous world in which he was no longer helping people. He was finally making a real difference, but not a good one.

This of course lead to Baptiste leaving Talon, and to Captain Cuerva hunting him down. We now know that the Captain failed his mission, and Baptiste survived to become a thorn in their side. Though whether or not he’s joined forces with Overwatch remains to be seen.

Fans should expect to see Baptiste on the PTR soon, and when that occurs we’re sure to get a full look at the new support hero’s kit.


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