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Dungeons & Dragons’ next book is ‘Ghosts of Saltmash’

The book will be available everywhere on May 21.

Wizards of the Coast, the publishers of Dungeons and Dragons, have announced the title and contents of fifth editions’ next big book: Ghosts of Saltmarsh. Previously leaked on Amazon, and hinted at over the past few months in live streams and vague tweets, the book contains remixes and fifth edition adpatations to a series of classic adventures set in the brackish coast-side village of Saltmarsh and its surrounding waters off the Azure sea:

  • The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh
  • Danger at Dunwater
  • The Final Enemy
  • Salvage Operation
  • Isle of the Abbey
  • Tammeraut’s Fate
  • The Styes

This should be exciting news for fans of classic AD&D or Dungeons Magazine adventures, as The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, as well as several of the others contained within, are fan favorites that haven’t seen attention since their initial publication in the ’80s. New fans will come to know the terror of the Sahuagins (don’t ask me to pronounce it), forbidden sea gods, ship-to-ship combat, and more, too!

The standard edition cover. Credit: Wizards of the Coast

The game store exclusive cover. Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Of particular note is that the Amazon listing for the book indicates that each campaign can be played separately, or included together into one expansive campaign taking players from level 1-12. This is not dissimilar to Tales from the Yawning Portal, an earlier fifth edition book which also adapted a series of famous fan favorite mega dungeons and was generally well received — although maybe not by anyone whose DM picked The Tomb of Horrors — and may indicate more of these classic upgrades are in store for the most popular edition of the game ever, which Wizards has indicated its not keen on moving away from any time soon.

The book will be available everywhere on May 21, and folks who chose to pick it up at brick and mortar game stores will get the chance to own the book with a beautiful special edition cover. If you’re curious whether or not Saltmarsh is right for you, or if you should hold off on the scuba gear, check back in with AiPT! as we follow the book’s details and eventually play-test the thing ourselves!


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