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A major Superman villain dies in ‘Action Comics’ #1008

It all goes black for this long-running villain of Superman’s.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

Over in Action Comics, Brian Michael Bendis is hitting his stride with Superman, but more importantly the supporting cast. Lois Lane’s dad is a big part of Bendis’s storyline and if you don’t know, he hates Superman’s guts. Sam Lane has been a major problem of Clark Kent’s for some time, but recently he discovered Superman is in fact, Clark.

In the latest issue, Sam meets with Amanda Waller and it appears he’s had a change of heart. That is, a change of heart while swigging alcohol.

An attack takes place and soon they’re outside in rubble. It’s in this scene that things get dicey.

It appears Sam Lane is shielded, but…

Is that a heart attack?

Based on how the image turns black and the obvious self-reflection, it appears Sam Lane is dead. Only time will tell, of course — nobody stays dead in comics, but if this page is any indication, Lois Lane’s dad, and Superman’s bitterest rival, is dead.

That’s only a smidgen of the story and I recommend you read the whole thing today!


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