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Pokemon Sword & Shield announced

Generation 8 launches on Switch this year

Early on Wednesday morning, Feb. 27, Nintendo held a Pokemon Direct. There, Generation 8 was finally announced, with still a vague release date of late 2019. The newest entries: Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Within a brief seven minute presentation, we were introduced to the newest region and the new starters. First, the region was revealed to be the Galar region, with a clear distinct England feel to it, from Big Ben to a soccer/football stadium. The layout of this long, narrow country seems to be setup with players starting at the bottom and working their way to the top to a snowy, big city area. There’s also very obvious steampunk-ish feel in some of the shots of the city, making this new world more unique than past games.

Then comes the new starters, once again a fire, water, and grass Pokemon. Representing fire, we have Scorbunny, which is obvious a bunny that’s pretty energetic. There’s Sobble, a shy gecko who will be the water type. Lastly, we have Grookey, a happy-go-lucky chimp to be the grass type. In my humble opinion, the usual cute collection of starters.

Not much was revealed beyond that, but the countdown has begun. Sometime this year, Pokemon Sword and Shield are set to be released. The newest generation has begun and if it’s like when Sun and Moon was announced, we’ll be getting a lot more mini-trailers to build excitement. Here’s to a fun new adventure on the horizon.

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